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A Picture of Obedience!

by Veronica Burnette on 08/20/13

OBEDIENCE = DECISION (a choice);  DISCIPLINE (repetitive action resulting in change); DETERMINATION (a made up mind).  I've found this to be an excellent recipe with three nutritious ingredients for SUCCESS.  

Today, I am reminded of the story of Moses and the mountain top experience.  So many of us want to experience this type of encounter with God, but are often unwilling to do what is necessary to get to the promised purpose.  When God called Moses, he did not send a cloud to carry him up the mountain nor did God send an angel to transport him to the top.  NO!  God spoke and told Moses to come.  It was up to Moses at that point.  He made the [DECISION] to OBEY.  Once he did that, he then had to take the necessary steps [DISCIPLINE] to get to his destination.  I'm sure at his age, it was not easy for him to climb that mountain.  It's not easy for anyone to climb a mountain at any age, but he had [DETERMINATION] to climb not only once, but TWICE!

I can just imagine Moses stumbling a time or two, probably slipped on a few rocks along the way and may have even sat down and take a few minutes to rest before reaching the top and such is life with us.  When God calls us to do something there are times we may slip, stumble, fall and very often, get tired along the way.  However, the key is never to give up until you make it to your destination.  Moses didn't give up until he got to where he needed to be.  Once he got there, it was then he received from God and came away with the next set of instructions.  Keeping in mind those instructions were not just for him, but for a generation of people.  What if Moses had decided it was too hard, he was too tired, he was too old or he just didn't feel like climbing that "dog gone" mountain.

What God calls you to beloved is bigger than you.  You're asking God for these things (Godly works) because God has put these things in your heart to do.  Yes, it may be overwhelming right now to the point of fear, but feel the fear, free fall into faith and do it anyway.  "What if I make a mistake" Provision has already been made, it is called GRACE.  "What if it is not what God wants me to do?"  He will redirect you.  It's called DIVINE INSPIRATION.  "What if I fail?" He will pick you up, it's called LOVE.  The way has already been made, you simply have to make the DECISION to obey; be DISCIPLINED enough to keep going; and come hell or high water, be DETERMINED enough not to quit. 

You determine the level of your success and it begins with one thing "YOUR DECISION".  God never promised you it would be easy, but He did promise He would be with you.  Looking for the easy way will only cause procrastination.  Take heart and know you will not perish in your pursuit.  Your next step may even require re-evaluating what you consider success to be.  Success is not found in the amount of stuff and things you have.  Success is determined by the impact sitting at the end of ongoing completions.  

Abundant blessings !!!

"Passion Speaks"
So God created man in his image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them. (Genesis 1:27)
So God created man in his image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them. (Genesis 1:27)

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